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The food was good but the salad had TONS of chicken ... too much chicken for me ... I wish it had more vegetables and that the chicken was grilled


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Great new place - fast delivery, delicious food, good portion sizes. Delivery guy actually comes up stairs and the menu isn't overwhelming. A+.


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Pick up. Was early and I thought I was getting a snack but it was a full meal with plenty to share. Meeting win.


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The food was so good I'm definitely coming here again especially since I figured out your near my son School


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I gotta give them the high 5 for their excellent grilled lamb Kabab gyro and other dishes - very tasty

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Top Reviewer
Finally, a great Greek place on Seamless in Williamsburg! Just one caveat: the hummus is simply awful. Absolutely terrible. It's like 80% oil and 20% chickpeas. Everything else is beyond words. Highly recommend gyro, it's among the best. Both tzatziki and baba ghanoush are amazing and portions are huge. I ordered $40 worth of food yesterday because, let's face it, in this neighborhood that doesn't generally get you much. Had enough for lunch, dinner, my girlfriend's dinner and used the dips (delicious, with the exception of the hummus) as snacks for a super bowl party where three dips lasted ten people until the third quarter. Highly recommend!!!


1 review
Great new addition to the 'hood. Generous portions, fresh and delicious dishes, and genuine and attentive customer service. You can definitely get a couple meals out of the Gyro. I also recommend the grape leaves, meatballs and yogurt for dessert (which is a huge portion!)


1 review
Some dishes need a better description, like artichoke salad, which is artichokes on top of a mixed green salad with bell peppers. A little too expensive but worked with a discount.


3 reviews
Gyro was really good. The meat wasn't dried out as you'll often get with delivery. The grape leafs were also great but I am a junkie for them so...


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Great restaurant! My only wish is that there was a little bit more gyro meat with their food plates!

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